Our kitchens do all have two stoves, a fridge with little freezer, a toaster, a french press coffee maker and a kettle. There’s no microwave as unfortunately we do not have space for it in the cabin.

We do have basic food supplies like: Pasta / Rice / Cereals / Instant soups / Herbs and spices / Salt, Pepper and Sugar / 6 differend kind of tea bags / Coffee / Vinegar and Oil / Jam / Butter / Lemon juice / Ketchup / Mustard / Soy sauce

You find everything you need for cooking in our drawers. We have pans, pots, dishes and cutlery and glasses for champagne and wine of course. Also a bottle opener is provided. If you however want to use fresh products (such as vegetables, fruits, bred, milk etc) we ask you to bring them yourself and buy on your way to the Lodges.

We try to minimize food waste and would ask you to not throw leftovers away if they’re still good to use. The next guests may be happy about it. Thank you for helping us with this topic.