Winters in Iceland are mild but a bit windy. So pack enough warm clothes and a hat, waterproof gear is always recommended.

There can be violent and dangerous storms in the winter months which reach it’s peak at December and January with sometimes closed roads and difficult driving conditions.
If the road is closed to our Lodge we have to cancel the booking as it’s not allowed for anyone to drive (and therefore also not possible for us to go and clean the Lodge) and you also shouldn’t go outside during a violent storm.
If you are at the Lodge during a storm, please don’t use the hot pool as it can be very dangerous and secure the pool cover with the heavy stones that lay besides the pool. Do not leave anything outside the terrace during a storm, wind gusts can reach up to 50m/s and blow everything away. There is also a weather protecting door which should always be closed when inside the Lodge or when you are away exploring the country.
Take weather warnings always serious!
You get a storm information email from us in case you are in the Lodge during a storm.

Please note that it can get a little cold around the bed area during winter time because it is surrounded only by glass. It is not extremely cold but around 17-18 degrees celsius and only in the bed area.

You should always check for weather forecasts and storm alerts.
Also before you go on a journey, please check or